So Who Am I?

Hey, I am Matt!

I am an avid fisherman and overall outdoorsman who enjoys kayaking a lot! I spend most of my free time outside, as you can imagine, fishing or kayaking. Sometimes doing both at the same time actually.

Yes, I do have a family and I am doing my best to take care of them daily. And for that reason, my wife has no problem with me spending so much time in nature. She actually enjoys it too sometimes!

I can’t really tell you for how long I have been doing all of this, but I have learned a lot over the years and I always felt like I can trust myself with making all decisions when it comes to fishing and kayaking.

But There Was a Problem

A while ago I found out that when I was searching for tackle, equipment, and other items it was a challenge because it was hard to just get to the meat and the potatoes without having to invest any money.

I can’t tell you how many times I wound up buying something online just to check it out and then was disappointed because it was not what I expected.

It made my wife mad that I was spending money on supplies and gear and then it would sit out in the shed because I was not happy with it and was too lazy to return it!

Now Sharing My Knowledge With You

I figured since I had so much experience in reviewing products, because I had reviewed enough through years of buying, that I would share my knowledge of what works, why its best and how to make smart buying decisions.

It has been my goal to help people further their love of the sport by providing good, clear cut information about the products that they need/want.

BEFORE you buy anything online that has to do with fishing, read what I have to say and save yourself some trouble!

My goal is to help likeminded people enjoy outdoors to the fullest.