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Best Bait for Crabbing 2022 – Let’s Go Crabbing!

Whether you are new to crabbing or an old hand understand what is the best bait for crabbing is.

There are a few things you should understand about crabbing so that you can choose the best crab bait.

The best way to catch crabs is to get their attention with bait that they will be unable to resist. Luckily crabs are scavengers. They will eat just about anything but they do have preferences as most scavengers do.

Choosing the best bait for crabbing will ensure that you are attracting all the crabs that you hope to.

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How Do Crabs Find Food?

Crabs have an excellent sense of smell which is how they find their food.

They use their sense of smell to root out food that will dig for it or snatch it with their claws as the food passes them.

Given the fact that crabs use their sense of smell to find food, it would stand to reason that using pungent bait would be a good way to attract crabs.

Offshore or Boat?

A lot of people wonder if there is a difference between the bait they should use for offshore or if they are crabbing off a boat.

The truth is it does not matter!

Whether you are crabbing from a cage thrown from off the shore or on a boat the best bait for crab traps is still the best bait for crabbing.

Appeal to Their Sense of Smell

Their sense of smell as mentioned earlier is tremendous. Using their sense of smell to your advantage can wind up with a cage full of crabs!

There are some people that swear by day old fish in a net bag.

Our choice of traps for crabbing:

While it does stand to reason that old stinky fish will do the trick you can actually overdo it. Crabs are scavengers but they are not stupid.

Their excellent sense of smell will also keep them from eating something that is “too” old. Their sense of smell will help them to determine whether food is fresh or not so the smellier the better is not necessarily a good rule to follow.

They actually prefer fresher bait then older bait to catch crabs. In other words, day or two old may be too old. They may actually prefer something from less than a day ago.

A good rule of thumb is smelly is good, rancid is bad.

red and gold crab on rock

Razor Clams and Chicken Necks

It is no surprise that razor clams are a favorite of crabs but it can be a surprise that chicken necks are a favorite.

Who would think that crabs love chicken necks?

Chickens are not exactly sea creatures so there is no way that crabs could naturally develop a love for chicken necks, gizzards, and other chicken parts.

No one knows for sure why they are a favorite but according to the number of catches that are made with chicken necks and other chicken parts crabs are very fond of these delightful delicacies.

They are not very appreciative of thighs and breasts but they do love the liver, lungs, and necks.

Razor clams are also a favorite but they are a natural favorite. They are a staple in most crabs diets.

A lot of people that have experience crabbing think that the chicken parts get more attention because the crabs are not immune to them. The chicken parts obviously are not found in the wild so the crabs seem to be more attracted to them.

Even crabs that have finished off a hardy meal can be enticed by chicken parts.

Using razor clams, of course, is a good option but if you are crabbing in an area that is rich in clams the crabs will be less interested in the clams.

Fresh or Day Old

Crabs seem to prefer fresh chicken necks, the juicer the better. The fresher the better.

Keeping the chicken necks stored in a cool dry place will keep them fresher longer. They also seem to prefer their razor clams fresher as well.


Crabs are known to eat just about anything they come across in the wild but if you can provide them with something that really perks up their interest, and I’m talking about what is the best bait for crabs, you’ll have a lot more luck in luring a few into the trap.

According to the experts, the best bait for blue crabs and others is chicken necks and razor clams but you can also use:

  • Squid pieces
  • Fish heads
  • Fish parts
  • Other poultry gizzards

Of course, the type of success you have lies largely on the season that you are crabbing in, the region you are crabbing in and the type of bait that the crabs like in that season and that region.

Crabbing is a great way to catch an easy meal and it is also a fun way to spend time with your family.

Using the best bait for crabs will help ensure your success.