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TOP 11 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes Reviewed 2022 with Buyers Guide

When we think of fishing, what often comes first to mind is the rod itself.

It makes sense, right? You can’t fish without a rod—everybody knows that.

There’s another item, though, that’s just as crucial as the rod. You won’t be able to fish without it, and a good one will last you a long time into the future.

That item is the humble tackle box.

Designed to hold all of the fishing accessories you could need to get going, including lures, baits, hooks, sinkers, and bobbers (to mention but a few), a good tackle box is an essential element to every fishing trip.

There are a ton of tackle boxes out there, however. Hundreds and hundreds of them. The sheer quantity of choices is enough to seem overwhelming to an uninitiated buyer simply looking to get started.

But what’s the best fishing tackle box out there?

That’s why I’ve decided to review the 11 best fishing tackle boxes on the market today. At the end of the list you’ll find an FAQ section that will answer the most commonly-asked queries, as well as a buyer’s guide, in order to give you the knowledge you need to do your own research.

But that’s enough preamble—let’s get into the tackle boxes themselves.

TOP 11 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes 2022

Plano Angled Tackle System

Review: The Tackle System from Plano comprises a variety of different tackle bags and boxes, all within the same product.

The main compartment presents utility boxes at a 15-degree angle, which is perfect for ease of access and organization, while the DuraView covers and doors ensure any equipment stored inside is going to remain safe from the elements.

As well as the whole system, there are three stowaway utility boxes included, which each provides plenty of room for the tackle itself.


  • This is an exceptionally rugged piece of kit that can withstand any pressure it’s subjected to.
  • The storage areas are well-organized and easy to open.
  • The sizing of the dividers in the utility boxes is customizable.


  • The front doesn’t always stay closed.
  • It’s a bit too large to be convenient.


While this tackle box won’t let you down, no matter what the weather conditions are, it’s a little clunky and as such won’t be suited to everybody.

Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

Review: This Ready 2 Fish item is clearly an attempt to bring the concept of the tackle box back to its roots with this no-frills, straightforward piece of equipment.

With two trays inside, storing a total of 132 pieces of assorted tackle, as well as an included assortment of jigs, hooks, and sinkers, it’s a breeze to use and requires almost no learning curve.

To make matters even more appealing, each product comes with a fishing guide which contains handy tips for beginner or novice fishermen: while that’s not necessary, it’s a nice touch.


  • It’s inexpensive, which lines up with its simplicity.
  • With the range of starter tackle, it’s ideal for those getting their feet wet with fishing.


  • More experienced anglers won’t need the starter tackle included, nor the fishing guide.
  • It’s not the most durable, but it’s still a good fishing tackle box.


This is the perfect tackle box if you’re just starting out on your fishing journey. If, however, you’re used to the hobby, you’d probably be best suited to an item with more functionality.

Still, it’s one of the best tackle boxes for fishing.

Strikebait Fishing Tackle Bag

Review: Taking a slightly different approach to the subject, this tackle bag promises to be easier to carry around than a traditional tackle box.

Designed to hold 4 utility boxes in the main compartment (the utility boxes themselves are included with the bag), as well as 4 zipper pockets and 3 rubber mesh pockets for wet storage, the bag is completely waterproof, which means you don’t need to worry about your equipment getting rusted.

The utility boxes are made from rugged, worm-proof plastic, and include dual snap latches to prevent accidental spillage of lures.


  • The removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap makes this comfortable to carry around.
  • It’s designed to keep everything as organized as possible.
  • Suited to all kinds of fishing, including ice fishing, fly fishing, kayak fishing, and fishing in either freshwater or saltwater.


  • It’s a little pricier than some other tackle boxes.


Unless you’re wedded to the classic idea of a tackle box, this item has everything you could want to support you during a full day out on the water.

A top of the line product, and probably the best ice fishing tackle box available.

Jshanmei 160 Pieces Fishing Accessories Kit

Review: This tackle box comes with 160 pieces of multifunctional fishing accessories included. The pieces themselves are in various sizes, designed to meet any kind of fishing need.

Included in the accessories are swivel slides, rolling swivels, rolling swivel snaps, crosslink barrel swivels, jig hooks, fishing beads, and fishing sinker weights.

Compact and easy to carry, this lightweight tackle box is nonetheless durable enough to withstand the most adverse of weather conditions and is small enough to fit easily into any survival or camping pack.


  • Snap and close lids prevent any accessories from spilling out while using the box.
  • Has enough equipment to suit any possible fishing need that could arise.


  • It’s quite small, compared to some of its competitors.
  • It doesn’t float, so it should be kept out of the water if possible.


While it’s marketed as a way to get into fishing, there’s an overwhelming amount of accessories included, many of which the fisherman in question will probably never use.

That said, it’s a well-built and easy-to-use product, and owing to the durability it could be the best saltwater fishing tackle box currently available.

Flambeau Outdoors Frost Series 3-Tray Tackle Box

Review: This tackle box includes a compartment in the lid itself for frequently used items, while the tip-guard tray supports to ensure the box won’t tip over while it’s open.

A tongue and groove design, implemented between the lid and the base, yields a water-resistant fit, while a latch constructed with draw-tite technology keeps the lid tightly closed when shut in to prevent any spillage of lures.

What’s more, an oversized handle makes carrying the tackle box comfortable and easy.


  • Customizable bins mean you can adapt the product to fit your precise needs.
  • Big enough to carry what’s necessary, not too big to be inconvenient.
  • Sturdily constructed and durable.


  • Some of the dividers inside the trays can be a little flimsy, depending on what you’re using them for.
  • Good for a starter fisherman, but lacks advanced functionality for more advanced anglers.


While fishing enthusiasts with a lot of time and experience under their belt might find this box’s capacity for storage somewhat lacking, it’s still a well-made, robust piece of equipment that’s sure to serve a wide range of fishing needs.

A strong contender for the best fishing tackle box of 2022.

Bassdash Tackle Storage Waterproof Utility Tackle Boxes

Review: Constructed from PBA free, eco-friendly PP material and comes with an option of between 5 and 20 adjustable compartments, this tackle box from Bassdash also includes three tight-sealing cam-action latches to prevent water from entering and damaging the gear and baits stored inside.

A silicone O-ring seal also contributes to the item’s waterproof quality, while the plastic itself on the outside is transparent, making a quick identification of the contents inside easy.

As well as tackle, this box is suitable for personal valuables like mobile phones, electronic key fobs, and spare batteries.


  • Considering the versatility, this is priced very reasonably.
  • Robust construction promises long-lasting durability.


  • None.


It’s hard to identify even a single flaw of this product. It’s simple, straightforward, and does what it says it’s going to do.

An excellent option.

Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box With Dual Top Access

Review: Featuring fixed compartments for easy storage of fishing accessories and two cantilever trays, each of which has between 14 and 25 compartments, this item from Plano is perfect for a novice fisherman just getting started with his newfound hobby.

A collapsible handle adds to the convenience, while the brass bailed latch ensures water and insects stay out.

There are two top access storage areas included, which can be accessed without opening up the entire box, and the trays inside extend out in order to showcase the contents with the tackle box itself is in use.


  • Well-constructed from high quality materials.
  • Simple, intuitive design.
  • Not too expensive.


  • It’s fairly small in comparison to some other tackle boxes on this list.
  • It doesn’t come with any fishing accessories included.


While it’s unfortunate that the product doesn’t come with any lures or hooks included, this is still a good all-rounder and is perfect for children on account of how easy it is to use and how small it is.

Bins & Things Fishing Tackle Box

Review: Perfect for bass fishing, trout fishing, or the organization and storage of fishing lures, this box has enough room fit hooks, lines, bobbers, and sinkers as well as the lures themselves.

Three pull out trays ensure that there are plenty of nooks and crannies for stashing small and tiny items, while two of the trays include removable dividers, allowing the user to customize the storage spaces to meet their precise requirements.

The support bars that prop up the multi-tray pull-out display are reinforced and strong enough to promise no spills, no matter how much equipment is inside.


  • Despite being big, it doesn’t weigh very much, which makes it very portable.
  • Clear lids are a clever choice to make the organization even easier.
  • Great value for money.


  • The support bars can come out of their allotted holes on some products.
  • Durability isn’t this item’s strongest suit.


This tackle box makes innovative use of space by featuring fold-out trays with customizable layouts, on account of the removable dividers—all of which adds up to a very versatile product.

RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box With Waterproof Storage

Review: Designed and constructed to incorporate a thicker and more robust frame than other, similar, stowaway tackle boxes, this product includes heavy-duty secure-locking latches (which can be operated using only one hand), ensuring that your lures and terminal tackle are always kept safe and secure.

A 360-degree waterproof casket keeps moisture out, while the dark brown color of the plastic makes sure the sun won’t damage any of the more delicate accessories stored inside.

Removable dividers allow the user to customize the storage compartments, while the larger capacity on offer makes it a perfect tackle management solution for most of your gear, even the bulkier items.


  • Bulk storage area included to fit pliers or spools of line.
  • Easy to store in a garage or in the trunk of a car.


  • Not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive either.


Apart from the fact that it costs a little more than some of the other tackle boxes on the market, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this item.

It’s well-designed, well-made, durable, and easy to use. Highly recommended: it might just be the best fly fishing tackle box.

South Bend Wormgear Tackle Box, 88 Piece

Review: This tackle box comes loaded with 88 pieces of fishing accessories, as well as a removable organizer tray that can be used to store the gear in any configuration you like.

An assortment of hooks are included for versatile applications, as well as non-lead split-shot sinkers, multi-colored floats, brass swivels, hook removers, and a 6-foot stringer.

In short, it comes with everything you need to get out onto the water and start fishing. It’s one of the cheapest items on this entire list, and while the hooks are tiny, they could be useful. It’s ideal for a toddler or a young child.


  • Easy-to-use and safe.
  • Very cheap.


  • Too small by far for most adult fishing hobbyists.
  • Only one tray is included, reducing utility.
  • Cheaply constructed.


If you’re buying a tackle box for a small child, this could be a good starter option.

Otherwise, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Wakeman Outdoors 2-Tray Fishing Tackle Box

Review: Made out of strong, durable plastic, this item will hold up to rigorous use by fishermen of all experience levels. It’s compact, which makes it ideal for a situation in which storage space is limited (like on a fishing kayak or a small boat deck).

But it has plenty of space for all the lures and other fishing accessories you could want. 2 trays boast 31 total compartments, as well as three bonus removable organizer boxes and built-in tool slots included along the outer edge, which helps to keep everything neat and tidy while in use.


  • It looks good, on account of the aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Customizable storage set-up adds versatility.
  • Trays are sturdy and stay in place.


  • The detachable tray on the bottom takes away space that could be used for more item storage.


One of the best and simplest fishing tackle boxes on the market today.

Considering the low price point, this product is excellent value for money, and the compact size makes it the best tackle box for kayak fishing on this list.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Fishing Tackle Boxes

Tackle Box vs. Tackle Bag

While the answer to this is going to come down largely to personal preference, it makes sense to flesh out the issue somewhat.

A tackle box is more compact than a tackle bag, and owing to the strict regularity of its form, it’s much easier to store. There’s been more time for improvements to be made on the design as well when you consider that tackle boxes have been around for so much longer, so many of them come with advanced features only recently invented.

Tackle bags, on the other hand, are a lot more comfortable to carry. They often have more room and can provide storage for clothes, gloves, and other ‘non-essential’ fishing equipment that we would nevertheless like to bring with us on our trips.

To compensate for the added room, though, they’re often more expensive than classic tackle boxes.

If you’ve grown up using tackle boxes and have never had a problem with them, there’s no real need to change. They’ll continue serving you well.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to try something new, tackle bags provide functionality that tackle boxes can’t, and could be worth a try.

group of people fishing


It can be easy to get lost in the number of pieces offered by various tackle boxes. 88-piece, 160-piece, 300-piece: what’s right for you?

The thing is, if you need to consider this aspect of the product in the first place, it could be a sign that you’d be perfectly fine with the standard 88 piece accessory set. After all, if you’re a more advanced angler, you’ll already know which extra bits and pieces you need.

Don’t forget, too, that you don’t have to use the sets that come with the boxes.

Part of the fun of fishing is building up your own collection of tackle, so feel free to experiment with different items as you learn which ones suit you and which don’t.

Hard Case vs. Soft Case?

This will depend on the conditions you frequently find yourself fishing in.

Cases made out of hard plastic tend to be more waterproof, and unlike soft cases, won’t expand when they get wet. They also typically include compartments made of hard plastic, which can be helpful when you’re trying to get everything organized.

Tackle boxes made with soft cases are lighter than those made with hard ones. In addition, because they’re more flexible, they can be easier to store in tight areas.

If you know you have enough room and you’re expecting rain or tough conditions, hard cases might be for you.

But if you frequently trek long distances to get to your favorite spots, the added versatility and convenience of soft cased tackle boxes could be a better option.

fishing tackle box


How do I Set up My Tackle Box?

It can be a little intimidating when you’re face-to-face with all of the dividers, compartments, trays, and other storage features of your new tackle box.

While researching the subject, I came across an excellent YouTube video that breaks the process down into clear, easy-to-follow steps, which I’d recommend checking out.

What Should I Try to Avoid When Using My Tackle Box?

No matter how waterproof the tackle box you’ve bought is, it’s always a good idea to avoid any excess water if you possibly can.

After all, nobody wants their carefully-curated collection of lures to get rusty, and even a little moisture can do some unfortunate damage.

My Box Broke. Should I Try to Fix it or Send it Back?

If you’re an especially handy person, as fishing enthusiasts often are, it can be tempting to try to mend simple, small breaks on your own.

I can’t recommend that, though. Most companies have very decent return policies/warranties on offer, and you risk voiding those agreements if you attempt to modify it yourself.

If you know what you’re doing, by all means, have at it. Just be aware that you may be pricing yourself out of a good deal.

How Should I Store my Tackle Box?

It’s best to keep it in a cool, dry place as much as possible.

In the trunk of a car, or in your garage, for example, are both excellent places to store it to ensure that damage sustained by rust or insects is kept to a minimum.

man in fishing gear on bridge


So there you have it: tackle boxes demystified.

I went through my personal favorite products and hopefully contributed enough information in the buyer’s guide to help you make your own decisions about the best fishing tackle box for you.

Would you like to learn more practical strategies for your favorite hobby?

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