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Top 14 Best Lightweight Kayaks Reviewed 2020 [Light, Quality Options]

It’s no secret that kayaking is becoming more and more popular.

This is largely due to the advancement of technology in making the craft more accessible and affordable for recreational use than ever before.

However, many would-be kayakers still have their reservations – which often comes down to logistics.

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12 Best Duck Hunting Kayaks Reviewed 2020 for Top Hunting Experience

Kayaks have come a long way in the last 50 years.

These days they’re more versatile and affordable than ever before.

They’ve skyrocketed in quality, too.

And many outdoor enthusiasts are turning to kayaks as an inexpensive alternative to boats or other watercraft.

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The 13 Best Kayaks for Rivers Reviewed 2020 [Best for Fishing & Camping]

Do you know what the main problem with kayaking is these days?

Choosing the right one.

It’s not an easy task, given how rich the market is with all sorts of different vessels, each designed with a particular activity in mind.

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Inflatable Kayak vs HardShell – Which is Better and How They Compare?


If you’re reading this then you will most likely have made the decision to take up kayaking.

Come on in – the water is warm.

Now you’re almost ready to join the club, but there’s one huge obstacle in the way. A burning question every paddler has asked at one time or another – and will no…

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TOP 15 Best Fishing Kayaks Reviewed 2020 [An Essential Guide + FAQ]

There are few activities more blissful than getting out into nature on a picturesque day.

However, most anglers will tell you that it’s fishing that is the ultimate way to leave all your troubles behind and clear your head in the great outdoors.

And while casting a rod in from the bank is calming enough, if you…

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TOP 12 Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks Reviewed 2020 for Fishing in Couples

Casting a fishing rod out and into a tranquil lake on a beautiful day is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

But it’s even better if you’ve got someone there to enjoy it with you.

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Canoe or Kayak for Fishing – How to Choose the Right One for You

It might well be a debate that has raged for centuries.

Which is better for fishing – a canoe or a kayak?

Maybe our ancestors would actually come to blows over it, with the winner having the final say on which craft the village would use to bring home the bacon?

Or, in this case, the fish.

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TOP 14 Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks Reviewed 2020 for Open Water Adventures

Do you enjoy visiting the ocean? Do you enjoy kayaking? Do you like fishing?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions – then you’re in the right place.

Ocean kayak fishing is one of the most challenging but rewarding variations of the activity you can possibly do.

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13 Best Kayak Fishing PFD’s & Life Vests Reviewed 2020 [The Case of Your Safety]

How many of you have fallen down a YouTube hole in the small hours of the morning?

We’ve all done it – either while procrastinating or being unable to sleep – watching seemingly endless, brain-draining footage on the internet.

Well, it just so happens that as I began writing this article, I stumbled upon a hilarious video…

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TOP 8 Best Fish Finders for Kayaks Reviewed 2020 to Always Land a Fish

What’s the worst thing about fishing?

Well, apart from losing or dropping a catch, the way you smell at the end of the day or falling into the water.

The worst this is not landing any fish, right?!