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TOP 10 Best Shoes For Kayaking Reviewed 2020 [Guide to Water Shoes]

When it comes to kayaking, there’s one crucial item that is easy to forget about until you’re out on the water.

You’ve probably guessed it from the title: water shoes.

Unlike standard footwear, water shoes are specifically designed for aquatic activities like kayaking because of the range of features they bring with them.

man padlling a kayak with dog in it

TOP 10 Best Kayaks for Dogs 2020 Reviewed for Dog Friendly Kayaking

Kayaking doesn’t just have to be enjoyed by children and adults, right?!

Surely our four-legged-friends are allowed to get in on the action, adventure and excitement, too?!

Well, the good news is – they most certainly can – and they will love you even more for it.

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TOP 10 Best Cheap Fishing Kayaks Reviewed 2020 [Best Budget Options]

Isn’t fishing is one of life’s greatest pleasures?

Going down to the water’s edge, casting a pole in and sitting back to enjoy your tranquil surroundings.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t catch anything – you can feel the pressures and struggles of your day-to-day existence ebb away.

Perfect bliss.

But if you really want to significantly improve your…

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The 9 Best Kayaks for Kids Reviewed 2020 for Adventures with Your Family

Right, you’ve got no excuses.

It’s time to drag those kids off their video games, smartphones and tablets and into the great outdoors.

Namely – to get involved with what will soon become their new favorite hobby.


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TOP 10 Best Lake Kayaks Reviewed 2020 For Your Wild Adventures

Of all the forms that kayaking can take, arguably the most enjoyable and stress-free activity is done on a lake.

Without the challenge of whitewater, waves or strong currents, kayaking on flat water is a more leisurely experience that is ideal for beginner paddlers.

You’re free to take in the sights, enjoy the beautiful nature and crack…

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The 10 Best Recreational Kayaks Reviewed 2020 & Essential Buyers Guide

Get fit, explore nature, travel, spend time with friends and family on the water.

What’s not to love?

But for the longest time, it seemed that recreational kayaking was only accessible if you went on private tours.

It was something you did on vacation.

Something you booked in advance.

woman on kayak on body of water holding paddle

Sit-In vs. Sit-On-Top Kayak for Fishing – The Debate Ends HERE

There is one great question that looms over us day in and day out.

No, it’s not the “meaning of life” or “are we alone?”. It’s a much more important question to the great anglers of the world: Should I choose a Sit-In or a Sit-On-Top kayak for my lake, river and ocean…


Top 7 Best Inflatable Kayaks: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Have you seen them? No longer can we think of an inflatable kayak as just some cheap toy.  They are advanced pieces of outdoor technology these days.

With a handful of different styles and countless features, many river relaxers,  adventure seekers and avid anglers are switching over to “yaks” of the inflatable…

woman on green and white kayak holding yellow oar

Where to Get a Kayak Rudder and How to Use it

A kayak rudder has two main purposes.

The most important function of the two may surprise you.

Most people that are new to kayaking think that a rudder is used for steering a kayak like it is on a boat but it has a different main purpose.

The Jackson Kayaks Kilroy

The Jackson Kayaks Kilroy Fishing Kayak Review – Read Before Buying!

The Kilroy fishing kayak has been designed with all the things to expect from Jackson fishing kayaks in mind, such as great storage, superior standing room and specialized seating that offers ultimate comfort for anglers.

The Kilroy has a front dashboard that can also be moved to behind the seat and innovative gear tracks that are…