Top 7 Best Inflatable Kayaks: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Have you seen them? No longer can we think of an inflatable kayak as just some cheap toy.  They are advanced pieces of outdoor technology these days.

With a handful of different styles and countless features, many river relaxers,  adventure seekers and avid anglers are switching over to “yaks” of the inflatable…


8 Best Stable Lightweight Kayaks for Beginners

There are lots of reasons to start to invest in a kayak; whether in search of solitude and contemplation out in the open ocean, or adrenalin-fuelled thrills in the white-water rapids of a wild river, kayaking provides excitement and adventure.

But for the beginner there are some necessary considerations to take before…

Rod for Saltwater

Get to Know Your Deep Sea Rod Options for a Better All-around Experience

Deep sea fishing is like no other experience you will ever have.  If you love to fish, than you will absolutely love deep sea fishing.  When you want the biggest game fish and the best fishing options (you are just about guaranteed to catch something) the ocean is the way to go. Choosing…


Where to Get a Kayak Rudder and How to Use it

A kayak rudder has two main purposes. The most important function of the two may surprise you. Most people that are new to kayaking think that a rudder is used for steering a kayak like it is on a boat but it has a different main purpose.

A kayak rudder is…

5 Step Guide to Successful Fishing with Jigs

We are not going to sell you a pipe dream here but if you use a jig you are going to hook bigger fish. Is it easier? Probably not but using a jig really does separate the enthusiast from the pros.

Best Shoulder Bag

How to Choose the Best Fishing Bag for Your Next Outing

Choosing the best fishing bag for your next fishing outing can make a huge difference in the type of experience you have on your next fishing trip. A fishing bag is a necessary item that any serious angler should have as part of their arsenal. 

Fly Fishing Vest Mesh

An Overlooked Piece of Equipment – The 5 Best Fishing Vests

Dedicated anglers are packing up their tackle, cleaning up the rods making sure the reels are all in good working condition. Most anglers pride themselves on their equipment.


Fresh Water Bait Choices – What Works

Choosing bait is a key component of a successful fishing experience. There are some anglers that will go with the old staples and do okay other anglers are very specific in their bait choices.

Freshwater fish can be picky. To catch the right fish you need the right bait. We asked around…

The Jackson Kayaks Kilroy

The Jackson Kayaks Kilroy Fishing Kayak Review

The Kilroy fishing kayak has been designed with all the things to expect from Jackson fishing kayaks in mind, such as great storage, superior standing room and specialised seating that offers ultimate comfort for anglers. The Kilroy has a front dashboard that can also be moved to behind the seat and innovative…

The Jackson Kayaks Cruise 10

The Jackson Kayaks Cruise 10 Angler Review

Although this kayak was allegedly designed to be an entry level fishing kayak. It actually ranks with many intermediate and advanced level fishing kayaks in cost.