What is the Best Bait for Carp Fishing 2022? TOP 5 Baits to Try!

Are you wondering “what is the best bait for Carp fishing?” the answer may surprise you.

There is not just one best bait for Carp fishing.

As a matter of fact, there are 5 different baits that will work well to snag a carp.

Carp can be picky fish and using the wrong bait can actually repel them instead of attracting them. Carp, unlike other fish, are a bit wearier then other fish when it comes time to take the bait.

There are some baits that Carp cannot resist.

If you are an inexperienced angler what you are about to read may sound a little strange but Carp absolutely go nuts for a few different types of bait that do not really seem like bait at all.

Carp use their sense of smell to locate food, they are also visual fish that look about for their food as well.

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Create a Feeding Ground

When you use the best bait for carp fishing, you do not want to just cast a line and hope for the best. You can create a feeding ground for the carp by using little pieces of the bait that you plan on fishing with before you cast your line.

By giving the carp a preview of the potential larger meal they will cruise around for a little while hoping to find some more of the tasty treats.

What Is a Carps Idea of a Tasty Treat?

Here are the 5 top Carp baits:

  • Corn
  • Tiger nuts
  • Hemp
  • Fish pellets
  • Boilies

Yellow corn is the absolute favorite of Carp. You can either use canned or you can use plastic.

Here is a good version of the plastic, it is made to smell like corn as well as Soft Baits Corn. It is a good option because it has over 100 pcs and you will not have to deal with the canned corn.

The bait is specially treated to smell like corn so it draws the carp in.

If you want to try the tinned corn open the can and just hook five or six on the hook and cast your line.

The carp will be jumping in the boat!

Tiger nuts are also very popular with Carp. You do have to take special precautions if you are going to use the Tiger nuts because they can be hazardous. You will have to soak them for 24 hours.

Change the water, then boil them and let them boil for 30. Leave them in the pot in their own juices for 24 hours before using them.

You can try these Carp Tiger Nuts if you do not want to go through the hassle of soaking, boiling and waiting. They may be a safer option and are relatively inexpensive and they really do keep the stress down.

Carp love hemp! No one really knows why they do but a very small amount of oily hemp will bring them running.

Hemp bait is a little harder to find commercially but if you can get your hands on some hemp oil you can drop some corn into it and really get the Carps attention.

You can make your own fish pellets to use as bait or you can purchase some really good commercially crafted brands. Making your own pellets are not really a challenge but you have to have the right balance of ingredients available to create pellets that will work.

There are plenty of excellent commercial choices on the market that will give you the ability to catch Carp without having to deal with the work of creating your own pellets.

Here are some good choices:

All of the above are excellent formulas that you can easily shape into pellets and fish for Carp with.

Boilies are a traditional form of Carp bait. Since Carp are visual fish that like bright colors bright colored boilies are a great way to fish and if they smell good and taste great you are really in business.

Boilies have always been one of the favorite choices of anglers when it came to Carp because they are easy to use readily available and inexpensive. Of course, they also work great which gets them a lot of kudos.

Here are some great boilies options:

A Few Others

We have listed the top five baits for Carp fishing but there are other baits as well that you may want to try. You can try plain old bread. Wad the bread up and set it on your hook. You can try a little peanut butter on the bread as well.

Carp is a name that is given to a wide range of fish species. They are indigenous to Asia and Europe but they are found in most freshwater bodies around the world. They are in some countries considered an invasive species.

There is an old wives tale that if you want to find the Carp then just follow the ducks or geese especially if they are being fed bread from well-meaning humans.

On Hooks

Carp are “still water” fish although they have made their way into flowing waterways like rivers, typically you find them in lakes.

They are bottom feeders so you want to be sure that you are using hooks with a matte finish.

If you are going to use corn as bait then you can use a yellow hook but make sure that the hooks are matte.